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Alternatives Conference Service Dog Policy

The Alternatives conference welcomes all well-behaved service dogs!

The behavior of service dogs is, at all times, the responsibility of the handler, as is any damage done by the dog. Handlers are expected to clean up every time their service dog eliminates.


Assistance dogs are expected to be clean, healthy, well-behaved, on a leash, and always under the handler’s control or the control of another responsible adult. If a dog is aggressive toward another dog or a human being, it will not be allowed anywhere near the conference. This is to protect the safety of both people and animals.

For more information, see the Psychiatric Service Dog Society:

For guidelines on service dogs-in-training and full-fledged service dogs, click here:

*Note: "…emotional support animals that do not qualify as service animals under the Department of Justice’s title III regulations may nevertheless qualify as permitted reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities under the FHAct and the ACAA. See, e.g., Overlook Mutual Homes, Inc. v. Spencer, 666 F. Supp. 2d 850 (S.D. Ohio 2009)."


For further information on Florida’s state law covering service dogs, click here:  http://psychdog.org/lifestyle_statelaws.html